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Advent Day 16

I don’t know the origin of this, but this morning a friend reposted a comment on Facebook that said, “Mary, Did You Know? Is the mansplainiest of carols. Of course she knows. Did you miss the magnificat.” I’ve been reflecting on this all day. How Mary did know what was going on with her, and […]

Advent Day 13: The Uncertainty Of Waiting

The Advent Day 13 reflection comes from the writings of Thomas Merton. Waiting always involves uncertainty, a certain not knowing that is scarcely ever comfortable for us as human beings. This reflection is a reminder that honesty about not knowing is it’s own spiritual practice.   “My Lord God, I have no idea where I […]

Advent Day 12: Jesus as a Refugee

As I contemplate Mary and Joseph this season – wandering far from home on the eve of their child’s birth with no where to stay and no one to welcome them in – I am reminded that our Savior’s first human identity was as a refugee. Our Greenpoint Church Children will soon be acting out […]

Advent Day 11: Hope & Courage

I was doing so well with my attempt at Advent preparation, and then this week came and I fell down on the job. I totally forgot to post my reflection yesterday. Sometimes I’m jealous that Mary ended up pregnant because it didn’t require too many attention to details. In lieu of an Advent reflection, how […]

Advent Day 10: Advent Prayer

Today’s Advent Reflection is a poem entitled “Advent Prayer” by Henri Nouwen Lord Jesus, master of both the light and the darkness, send your Holy Spirit upon our preparations for Christmas. We who have so much to do seek quiet spaces to hear your voice each day. We who are anxious over many things look […]

Advent Day 9: Advent Reflection

Prepare Strange how one word will so hollow you out. But this word has been in the wilderness for months. Years. This word is what remained after everything else was worn away by sand and stone. It is what withstood the glaring of sun by day, the weeping loneliness of the moon at night. Now […]

Advent Day 8: Hope

One of my favorite sweatshirts is from Hope College. This is one of three colleges associated the Reformed Church in America. It’s the college where my parents and my grandparents all met one another. It’s a place that’s just referred to as “Hope” in my family. Over the years, Hope hasn’t been a particularly “hope-filled” […]