Fun Summer Sundays, Starting in May!


Come and have fun!

Beginning on Sunday, May 11th we’ll be kicking off a Summer of Sunday afternoon activities. Continue the coffee hour fun in the backyard! There will be food off the grill, opportunities to get your hands dirty in the garden, time to just hang out, or prep vegetables for our Wednesday meal. If you’ve been eager to get involved in our church’s food programs, but Wednesday and Thursday don’t suit your schedule, come lend a hand on Sunday afternoons. Stay for fifteen minutes or three hours. No need to rsvp, but any questions can be directed to cb@greenpointchurch.org

Saving Jesus Bible Study, May 25


Saving Jesus Bible Study 

BEGINS: May 25th, after worship.

Saving Jesus Bible Study begins after the worship celebration Sunday, May 25th. Ever wondered how it is possible as a rational, modern person you can believe in the virgin birth or Jesus rising from the dead? These and other traditional understandings of the Bible seem to be something that we as a community are interested in and with which we struggle. Sound interesting and perhaps promising?  We will begin with lunch and an introduction to the Bible study.


Giving to the Church

Investing in our community is vital.  Several of you have asked about how you can give to the church electronically.  The instructions for electronic giving are below.
1. You can set up recurring payments through our online giving partner, Network for Good.  Follow the link below.  Scroll to the bottom and enter either credit card information or your Paypal account information. You will see a charge from Network for Good.
2. You can set up recurring payments through your bank using the name Greenpoint Reformed Church and address 136 Milton St., Brooklyn, NY, 11222.  Most banks allow recurring payments to be set up through your online account access.
If there are any questions about either of these methods, please ask Pastors Jen or Ann!