We are a community church filled with all kinds of people.

We meet for worship, gather for community meetings, sing our hearts out, and volunteer to help feed the neighborhood.

While many of our members were raised in theologically orthodox or more conservative traditions, and some may continue to hold to what might be called an orthodox understanding of their faith, others are far more liberal in their personal faith. More than a few members admit that they don’t know exactly what they believe, but they want to grow in their faith.

Greenpoint is a place that is willing to exist within a primary tension of the Christian faith: not everyone sees and experiences Christ in the same way.

We come from different places, with different understandings of what the faith means, but we hold to the motto: “in essentials: unity, in non-essentials: liberty, in all things: charity.”

Crowd of people in a church gather for worship.

We are a home to all

We have become a spiritual home for all kinds of people – especially people who are surprised to find themselves going to church! We’re committed to the presence of children and young adults in the life of the church and to finding exciting ways of merging worship, spirituality and the arts.