Greenpoint Church is an affirming community. All are welcome.

Our Mission: Greenpoint Reformed Church is a community where together we worship, heal, question, and rejoice; where all are fed in body and spirit; where all are welcomed with the radically inclusive love of God.

Greenpoint Church is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in the center of amazing New York City. We are a home for worship for people from all walks of life, a space for community meetings and recovery, a venue for the muscial and visual arts, and a center of service to our food insecure neighbors.

Greenpoint is a place that is willing to exist within a primary tension of the Christian faith: not everyone sees and experiences Christ in the same way.

We come from different places, with different understandings of what the faith means, but we hold to the motto: “in essentials: unity, in non-essentials: liberty, in all things: charity.”

Learn how to join for worship in person or via Zoom every Sunday at 11am Eastern Time by emailing us at

Crowd of people in a church gather for worship.