Family Ministry

Our purpose for Children & Family Ministries is to assist families in laying a spiritual foundation that will support children and families in drawing closer to God and to one another.

We have a growing number of families with children who have found a home at Greenpoint, and we welcome you to be a part of that. We have an active children & families program, and there’s always something fun coming up!

Children are welcome every week to…

…sit (dance, sleep, cry, wiggle, color, shout, snack, etc) with us during our 11am worship, or families can take advantage of the kids’ activities happening around the church. We follow “Safe Church” policies and procedures to keep our sanctuary a place where our kids’ souls, bodies and hearts are cherished and safe.

One parent’s testimony:

My kids were ages 1 & 3 the first time we went to first visited Greenpoint Reformed for worship. They wiggled, played, dropped toys, and crinkled their snack bags. I had the same panicked reaction that I see on parents’ faces every week. After the service, I turned to the man in front of me to apologize for their noisy distraction. He smiled and said, “it’s not church if the kids aren’t here.” I knew immediately that this was a place we could call “home.”