Community Farm Stand Starts July 5th

Every week we receive a lot of leftovers from generous neighborhood CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). We receive more produce than we can reasonably distribute at our Thursday food pantry because there are only so many vegetables anyone can process and use before they go bad. We also receive a big share of the produce on Saturday afternoons and by Thursday, depending on what it is, it can be anywhere from not-so-fresh to truly rotten.

To prevent this from happening, we’re going to distribute vegetables, including vegetables from our own garden, at an additional time. Sunday afternoons from 12:30 until 2PM we’ll be putting on The Community Farm Stand. The Farm Stand will allow us to distribute vegetables for free to food insecure folks on a weekly basis, as well as provide vegetables to food secure folks with a small donation encouraged.

Here are a few, not mutually exclusive, ways you can plug into this new Hunger Program offering:

1. VOLUNTEER: Give out vegetables after church to people who come. No need to sign up.

2. EAT YOUR VEGGIES: Take vegetables home for free or make a donation to the Hunger Program, as your current financial situation allows.

3. SPREAD THE WORD: Tell other people, particularly community members who you know might have a difficult time accessing vegetables, that we are giving them out on Sunday afternoon from 12:30-2PM.

4. PRAY that his new endeavor is a delicious blessing in our congregation and larger community