Congregational Meeting – 6/28/2020


Sunday, June 28, 2020

Commenced 11:48am


  1. Church Reopening Committee – Meeting summary from Camille
    1. Ongoing conversation pre-pandemic about doing work to benefit hunger program. Follow-up on this with Joan, Adam, Jen.
    2. Worship Ideas/options: 
      • Ann and Jen preaching out of church 
      • Socially distanced musicians
      • Space-sharing to enable 25% capacity – “velvet rope” 
    3. Decisions: 
      • Immediate-term: Not yet reopening to parishioners 
      • Medium-term: Streaming will continue as primary method of experiencing church
  2. Updates since Reopening Committee Meeting – Jen
    1. Music: Rob is open to leading socially distanced music in the space
    2. Contractor issue: backlog of work means we’re in queue w/ others awaiting work
    3. Priorities: hunger program + 1st floor accessible bathroom
    4. Info-sharing: Advise relevant group leaders when to expect return to in-person, in-space activities
      • Consistory mtg next week – draft letter w/ updates and send to groups
  3. New Business re: Reopening
    1. James suggests adding pocket doors/wall expansion work to first round contractor priorities: improved air flow + capacity allowance
    2. Harold suggests completing social hall floor + backyard + play area redo during shutdown: Harold, James, Adam to coordinate


Adjourned: 12:08pm