Don’t Give Up Chocolate This Lent


This ad caught my attention.  I am not interested in the Dynamic Catholic program, but this ad is different. For some of us, Lent is all about giving things up- chocolate, meat, or something else desirable.  For others of us Lent is not something we have ignored.  Didn’t sound like much fun so why find out more anyway?  The ad struck me as remarkably stylish for a church, and the tone is especially intriguing. It is positive, not negative.  It suggests that Lent could be about adding rather than subtracting.

I bristle at the thought of a Christian season that calls us into deprivation.  Hasn’t the tone of Christianity been NO focused long enough?  God’s love is abundant.  God’s grace is abundant.  God longs for us to have bigger, fuller, richer lives.  Lent is a time of reflection that can also be about adding more wonder, more joy and more connection.  Lent begins on February 10th and continues through Easter.  During this time of quiet reflection, we will come together before worship for a look at some of the gifts of the dark wood.

Have you failed recently? Do you feel lost, or like the road ahead is unclear? Are you ever tempted? Do you find any part of your life exhausting? Do you feel out of place among your peers or society at large?  Tough times can be gifts.

Based on themes explored in host Eric Elne’s book, “Gifts of the Dark Wood” series explores the proposition that our best help on life’s journey often comes from the most unlikely and misunderstood of places: a place known famously, or infamously, as the Dark Wood.  We will join together for this Bible study in the weeks leading up to Easter from 9:30-10:30 am.  Join us.