Premarital Counseling

There’s a lot to do after you say “let’s get married” and before you say “I do.” You’ll prepare invitations, hire a caterer and pick out flowers. In the midst of all the excitement, don’t forget to take some time to grow in your relationship with one another. Premarital counseling offers time to focus on your relationship, plan for your dreams and learn more about yourself and the person you’re marrying.

Both of our pastors are certified Prepare/Enrich counselors. This six session program helps couples explore relationship strengths and growth areas, learn assertiveness and active listening skills, improve conflict resolution and focus on personal and family goals. This counseling is available to all people, regardless of church membership, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. If you feel you could benefit from the Prepare/Enrich program, please contact us at 718-383-5941 or email pastor[at] to set-up an introductory meeting.