If you have questions about life at Greenpoint or would like to speak with someone about your spiritual journey, please contact us.

Visit Us! Find Us!

136 Milton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222


(718) 383-5941

Church Office Hours

Tue: 10am – 2pm
Wed: 2pm – 7pm
Thu: 8am – Noon
Other times by appointment.

Pastor Office Hours

Want to get together for a chat? Your pastors would love to take you out for a coffee and conversation. Call or email us to make an appointment if the times don’t work for you. Sometimes we may be out of the church during these times, so feel free to call before you make the trip.

Rev. Jennifer Aull:
Mondays 10pm-2pm
Rev. Ann Kansfield:
Tuesdays 10am-2pm
Rev. CB Stewart:
Thursdays 8am-12pm


You can contact the church office below. To contact individual staff members, find their email addresses on the staff page.

Please do not email us about volunteering on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving puts programs like ours in a bind. Soup kitchens and food pantries operate 52 weeks a year. Most of the time, we really need volunteers. Then, in November we receive a huge influx of volunteers who want to volunteer for Thanksgiving. We do not want to turn volunteers away, but there is no way we can adequately train and deploy such a large number of volunteers for this one dinner. As of Nov 15, all volunteer slots for dinner on Wednesday Nov. 23 2016 have been taken. Please, please, please consider volunteering again with us in the future.


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